Standing Up for George Zimmerman

On the evening of February 26, 2012, at approximately 7:16PM, a white vigilante named George Zimmerman, fueled by racial animosity, called police to report that he was suspicious of an African-American child based entirely on his skin color and the hoodie sweatshirt he was wearing.  George ignored clear instructions from police and chased down Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed and had been on his way back from a trip to the store to purchase iced tea and Skittles for his younger brother.  Zimmerman held Trayvon at gunpoint and allowed him to scream for help for 42 seconds before Zimmerman pulled the trigger, and then he immediately set about constructing a false story of self-defense to cover for his murderous actions.


That’s the story that the State of Florida would like for you to believe.  The truth is that almost none of that story is true, and it’s well past time for the State to acknowledge the holes in their narrative and drop the charges against George Zimmerman.

First, there is no evidence that George Zimmerman has a racist bone in his body. When he called the non-emergency dispatcher, he didn’t volunteer information about Trayvon Martin’s skin color, as previously suggested in a recording played over and over again on NBC News that we now know was doctored by NBC staffers to remove the dispatcher’s question to George regarding Trayvon’s race.  The dispatcher asked “Okay, is he white, black, or hispanic?” to which Zimmerman replied “He looks black.”  There were further attempts to paint George as a racist, with claims that he had used a racially incendiary term on his call with the dispatcher.  Those claims were later debunked.

We also know that George Zimmerman had heavily criticized the Sanford police department previously for their failure to arrest the white politically connected son of a Sanford police officer, who had beaten a black homeless man named Sherman Ware.  Zimmerman went door to door in that case handing out flyers urging people to take action to see that justice was done. He was also known to mentor black youths in the community.  

Zimmerman’s very name may have played a part in the construction of the ‘racist white guy’ narrative that is still pervasive today.  In the early days after this incident, there were no pictures of Zimmerman available in the media.  It was easy for people, including reporters, to jump to the conclusion that a man named “Zimmerman” was white.  Later, when they found out that this conclusion was wrong and that George is actually a combination of white, Hispanic, and black (his mother is Peruvian and a grandfather was African-American), reporters coined the term “White-Hispanic” to continue the non-existent link to white racism.

Perhaps the best evidence regarding the lack of racism that can be attributed to George Zimmerman comes from the FBI. Agents descended on Sanford in the wake of the shooting in March and April of 2012 to interview Zimmerman’s coworkers, friends, and others. In all, they interviewed over 30 people, and not one of them stated that George had ever “displayed any bias, prejudice or irrational attitude against any class of citizen, religious, racial, gender or ethnic groups.”

George Zimmerman is no racist, by any stretch of the imagination.


Another part of the narrative that has been pervasively misreported is the conversation with the dispatcher that evening.  Early in the phone call, after taking the description of the suspect (Trayvon Martin) and hearing from Zimmerman that Martin was coming toward his car and appeared to be on drugs, the dispatcher instructed George Zimmerman to “just let me know if this guy does anything else.”  About 40 seconds later, Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Martin was running, to which the dispatcher replied “Which way is he running?”  Zimmerman, appearing to want to see where Martin was going, simultaneously opened his car door and answered the dispatcher.  After 15 seconds during which it was obvious that Zimmerman had exited his vehicle and was moving, the dispatcher said “Are you following him?”  When Zimmerman answered in the affirmative, the dispatcher said “Okay, we don’t need you to do that.”  Zimmerman answered “okay” and stopped moving a few seconds later.

This exchange has been widely misrepresented and is today often reported as an exchange in which the dispatcher commanded Zimmerman not to follow Martin and to either stay in his car or return to his car.  The dispatcher’s actual words were not a command, and in fact Zimmerman was already following the dispatcher’s earlier directive to keep him informed if Martin did anything else and also attempting to answer the dispatcher’s question about which way Martin ran.  It is also important to note that the dispatcher was not a police officer, and George was under no obligation to follow his instructions that evening. He certainly was not under an obligation to find a hidden meaning in the words “we don’t need you to do that.” The misreporting of this one fact has done more to harm George Zimmerman than any other event from that evening, since today, supporters of the prosecution still make claims like “If George Zimmerman would have stayed in his truck like the police told him to, Trayvon would still be alive.”

Regarding the trip to 7-Eleven, that story was at least partially false.  First, in the early days after the incident, the media continued to report (based on a false claim by the family of Trayvon Martin) that Martin had gone to the store at halftime of the NBA All-Star game (which he was watching with his younger brother, Chad), to retrieve tea and Skittles for Chad.  The truth is that the NBA All-Star game didn’t start that evening until after Trayvon Martin was already dead.  Chad wasn’t his brother (he was Trayvon’s father’s girlfriend’s son), and Trayvon didn’t purchase any iced tea.  The iced tea had its origins in a mistaken notation on the police reports that a can of Arizona Iced Tea was found on or near Trayvon’s body.  In fact, the officer was mistaken, and we now know (based on crime scene photos) that the can was actually a can of Arizona brand Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail.  Chad, who was allegedly waiting for his iced tea and Skittles and to watch the remainder of the basketball game with Trayvon, apparently didn’t think anything was odd about the fact that Trayvon didn’t return home. 


Why is any of this important?  It’s important because Witness 8, the state’s key witness, whose inconsistencies could fill another article, told prosecutors that Trayvon had purchased iced tea at the store that evening, and that Trayvon told her on the phone that he wanted to get home to finish watching the game.  It seems odd that Trayvon would have told her that he purchased iced tea when in fact he had bought watermelon drink, and equally odd that he would have told her that he wanted to get home to finish watching a game that hadn’t started yet.  However, at the time that Witness 8 was interviewed by prosecutors, Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump had already been provided with the police reports that showed officers had (incorrectly) catalogued the can of iced tea, and the Martin family’s false story about the NBA All-Star game was widely reported in the media.  Crump and Martin’s family had already had extensive contact with Witness 8.  The obvious inference?  Witness 8 may have been coached by members of the family or the family’s legal counsel on those issues, since they played right into the false portrayals of that night’s events that were making national news at that time.


Early reports in this case portrayed Trayvon Martin as an innocent child, a good student who wanted to be an astronaut.  Pictures released by the family included an elementary school graduation picture and a picture of a clean-cut youngster in a Hollister t-shirt.  His parents claimed that the Hollister shirt picture was the most recent picture of Trayvon.  In it, Trayvon appeared to be about 14 years old.  However, interested bloggers immediately began to comb the internet for other photos of Martin, and they found photos of a much older, much more imposing young man, including some of him making obscene gestures to the camera, and others where he was displaying a wad of money reminiscent of something a drug dealer might possess.  More recently, the defense has released photos of Martin that show him holding a gun in his hand, and smoking and growing marijuana.  They have also released text messages that show that Martin had a propensity for violence, and liked to brag of his exploits as an MMA style fighter, telling a friend regarding one incident that his opponent didn’t bleed enough and would, therefore, have to face Trayvon again.  Trayvon was also attempting to purchase a firearm after his arrival in Sanford.


That much of this information may be withheld from the jury in George Zimmerman’s upcoming trial does not make it irrelevant to the truth about what happened that night.  George Zimmerman encountered a troubled young man, who had recently been suspended from school for the third time in one school year – a young man who was most likely high and certainly in no mood to answer questions from George Zimmerman regarding his activities that evening.  While it’s possible that Zimmerman may have been mistaken in believing that Martin looked suspicious that evening, this mountain of evidence suggests that he nailed his description of Martin and his behavior.


After Zimmerman hung up with the non-emergency dispatcher, we don’t know a lot about what happened in the next 60 seconds, other than what Zimmerman said in his interviews with police and the 911 calls that were placed during the struggle between Zimmerman and Martin.  One thing is clear – Zimmerman has been consistent from the very outset that Martin attacked him, and that Martin was beating his head against the sidewalk to the point where Zimmerman was afraid that he was going to lose consciousness.  Zimmerman stated emphatically that he screamed for help and nobody helped him.  Zimmerman passed a police-administered voice stress analysis test with no evidence of deception.  Listening to the 911 tape that captured the screams and the shooting, it seems obvious to anyone who listens objectively that the screams are those of a person suffering a horrendous beating who was in fear for his life.  Those screams are surely the screams of George Zimmerman.  Trayvon Martin’s own father even told police that those were not the screams of his son. 

Those claiming that they are Trayvon Martin’s screams beg the question – why would George Zimmerman hold Trayvon Martin at gunpoint for 42 seconds and allow him to scream for help at least 16 times before finally pulling the trigger to shut Martin up just in time for the police to arrive (police that George Zimmerman had called and was expecting)?  That makes no sense, and the physical evidence all supports George Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense.  Martin had no injuries, other than the bullet wound, and Zimmerman was bloodied and had an apparent broken nose.  The witness who was closest to the action that night claimed immediately to police that it was the guy on the bottom in the red sweater (Zimmerman) who was screaming, and that Martin was on top of him hitting him “MMA ground and pound style.”


The State of Florida, with its unlimited resources and its desire to avoid riots or other troubles that are feared should an acquittal come, has reached out and found a voice “expert” who has concluded that the screams are those of Trayvon Martin.  That “expert” goes beyond that, though, and actually claims to hear things that no other expert in the case who has examined the evidence has heard – including the FBI, who concluded that the recording was of such poor quality that it was not usable for voice identification purposes – things like George Zimmerman yelling “These shall be” in the voice of a carnival barker, and Trayvon Martin saying “I’m begging you” just before Zimmerman pulled the trigger.  It seems that it should be easy to exclude this witness from ever setting foot in front of the jury to offer such confusing and clearly misleading garbage on the stand, but nobody will be surprised at this point if Judge Debra Nelson lets him testify.


There is much more here to discuss regarding the weakness of the State’s case against George Zimmerman.  Prosecutors know all of the facts outlined above, and they know how little their probable cause affidavit has to do with reality.  Even if some or most of this evidence about Trayvon’s character is inadmissible in a court of law, it is not off limits for a prosecutor’s use in determining the appropriateness of the charges against George Zimmerman.  Perhaps, through the efforts of a corrupt State’s Attorney and the hanging judge who appears determined to railroad Zimmerman to prison and will do so by excluding any discussion of the proclivities of Trayvon Martin toward violence and drugs, the State will win a conviction in this case.  If they do so, however, the real loser won’t be George Zimmerman, whose conviction will almost certainly be overturned on appeal.  The real loser will be our system of justice in the State of Florida.

It’s time for those who care about such things to stand up for George Zimmerman.  Annette Kelly, a blogger who goes by the handle “Nettles18” said it best:

“On February 26th, 2012 George Zimmerman screamed for help.  Together, let’s answer him.”


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  1. Nicely done, Ackbar! Rather unsettling how a local crime story can be fabricated into a national lie. Fortunately, a few reasonable and caring individuals have taken the time to assess the data and reject the asinine narrative put forth by some corrupt and disgusting cretins.

  2. Ackbarsays,

    I apologize for the delay in reading your work. You did a great job on this!!

    I’ll email you my thoughts as requested for your submission. Thanks again.

  3. My apologies to, Ackbar, I read it earlier but did not have the time to respond, it is a clear and concise recap. Looking forward to further posts.

  4. Ackbarsays

    Looking Good. Will be back later

  5. “…and certainly in no mood to answer questions from George Zimmerman regarding his activities that evening.” seems a somewhat odd statement to make, considering that, as far as we know, Zimmerman never asked him any questions, nor ever indicated any intention to do so.

    And of course there’s the “Martin had no obligation whatsoever to answer questions from Zimmerman or anybody else (with the posssible exception of the police under certain specific circumstances)” aspect.

  6. “It was easy for people, including reporters, to jump to the conclusion that a man named “Zimmerman” was white.”

    Lets tell it like it is. Martin’s family et al thought Zimmerman was JEWISH and they saw a PAYDAY.

    • That may be true. I don’t know if anyone ever really thought that there was much money to be gotten from George, but I’m certain they drew the obvious inference from the Jewish-sounding name and thought that this white guy would be the perfect vehicle for them to extract large sums of money from the city of Sanford and possibly the state of Florida.

    • That is entirely possible.

    • I think this is very true. They already filed a wrongful death suit against the HOA and they settled for 1 million dollars. But suing Zimmerman is something else. I have read the pros and cons of that. They may or may not but if I was him I would sue them for defamation of character and racism, the state attorney for slander calling him a murderer after he got a not guilty verdict which is slightly different than getting an acquittal and anyone else that libels him on the internet that is in a position of power. This whole civil rights thing is a totally trumped up thing and racist in character. I wish there was something more that could be done but I think others should speak out against what is going on now.

  7. I don’t see this as just an attack on George Zimmerman, it could be any one of us. Some of us have been supporting George’s defense all along, now it’s time, past time really, for a whole lot more to jump on board. JUST DO IT!

  8. ackbarsays: I wrote one check to GZ legal defense fund today. Sorry if you didn’t see my response on the other blog. I appreciate your discussion on this case…

  9. I chipped in via Paypal a few minutes ago, I usually send a few bucks when my retirement check comes but I figured a little extra couldn’t hurt. I’m amazed and disappointed that so many people seem to have forgotten this. The fund started out going good and I was assuming that a lot of people continued to support it.. If they lynch George they will be landing a blow on the very concept of effective self defense.

  10. I’ve told Rick Scott what I think of the mess a couple of times, just got form letter replies. Our justice system is being held hostage by the mob and if they’re allowed to get away with it there will be no more justice

  11. Great job with the article ackbarsays. I especially like where you talk about DD’s glaring inconsistencies, and then remember the state has planned on going after GZ’s “inconsistencies.” Gilbreth, in the first bond hearing admitted the state can’t prove who threw the first punch, or that GZ was not walking back to his truck when he was attacked. He added that GZ made inconsistent statements, but the state apparently had no problem with DD’s glaring obvious lies.

    Congratulations on your new endeavor ackbarsays, and much luck with it. The more positive voices for GZ, and the entire defense team, the better. Thank you for your efforts sir.

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  13. verify subscription because I missed some papers.

  14. HI Ackbar,

    Well written and nicely presented sir. I look forward to seeing your future work.

  15. 100 A+ well done!

  16. EXCELLENT, excellent post!

  17. Thank you so much. I hope George sees it and knows that we’ve got his back.

  18. George had no right to take that Boy’s life; Had that been a little white boy, it woiuld really be World War Z; and you all would not be trying to act like A CHILD did not, unlawfully, un-neccessarily, lost his life.

    • If George Zimmerman were an adult black male, he would never have been arrested. This case, prior to about 3/20/2012, had nothing to do with race and everything to do with a violent confrontation initiated by a young man who bit off more than he could chew. After 3/20/2012, it became totally and completely about the race of the individuals involved.

      • Not exactly true. They arrested Roderick Scott in 2009 for the shooting murder of a white 17 year old male…you know a “child”. The teen had no weapon. This man was also on the Neighborhood Watch. Anyway I posted about it near the bottom.

    • If everything had been exactly the same except for Trayvon being white, you’d be amazed at how fast the media would have discovered that George is Hispanic.

    • “That boy” had no right to attack George Zimmerman!

    • KD be real. He towered over Zimmerman. Zimmerman didn’t even know or think Trayvon had died after he shot him. He only thought he was wounded and he had every right to protect himself from battery. Trayvon should have gone back inside, he was already by there. His choice was violence and why in the end he got shot.

  19. That is so true Ackbar. When it comes down to it, almost everything is based on race anymore. Makes me sick

  20. The weapon in the picture is a Smith&Wesson, probably a 40BE. Also, there is the top of the magazine visible at the bottom, center-left of the photo.

  21. I’m sorry no matter how u put it a child was killed in cold blood! A child walking home who felt threatened, what if it was your child. Maybe it was an accident but Zimmerman was told not to pursue the person and he did. He (Zimmerman) broke the law. Again, I am sorry I disagree someones child died by hands of a stranger and it is wrong. It could of been handled a number of other ways. If they call it manslaughter! If Zimmerman walks it doesn’t matter a child, someones baby died at the hands of a stranger. I would have fought for him or any other child in trouble if I had been close. Why is there a trial he broke the law he was told to stand back.

    • Brenda,
      What law did he break? If you’re referring what the dispatcher told him, that’s not illegal. The dispatcher was most likely telling GZ that following TM wasn’t necessary for his own safety: if someone calls in a suspicious person, the police will advise against following that person to avoid confusion and possible injury. Besides, a police dispatcher does not have the authority to command a civilian. Neither does a police officer in most cases.
      I am sad that this young man will never grow up and become a happy and productive member of society. I have kids myself and I’d hate to see any of them dead. But I agree with ackbar: TM thought he would give GZ a good beating to scare him off, and he didn’t count on GZ being legally armed. GZ was afraid for his life and shot TM. It’s tragic all around, but it’s not murder.

      • Also: GZ is someone’s baby. So am I, and so are you. We can’t convict someone just because the dead person has a family who grieves for them.
        When you come after someone MMA style and beat them for 42 seconds, you’re in the Big Leagues.
        I remember some movie in the 80s – Young Guns, maybe? – where this young kid tried to rob a bank in the old west. He pointed the gun at the sheriff while getting away and the sheriff shot him. While he was dying, the sheriff shook his head at it all and could only say “take your medicine, son.” That’s what comes to mind sometimes when I see boys acting like men and dying for it.

        • You’re missing the “willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly” part of what you linked to. I wouldn’t expect you to actually be able to grasp the concept in that lengthy statute, based on the lack of brainpower you displayed in your first comment.

    • Brenda, why didn’t Trayvon call 911 if he was afraid? Why didn’t he go home after he turned the corner out of Zimmerman’s sight? He was about 20 seconds from home, and we know that Zimmerman was still talking to the police for 2 minutes after that point. Zimmerman was following towards the T for about 15 seconds, but when told “we don’t need you to do that,” He stopped following and spent another 90 seconds or so standing still talking to the dispatcher. Where was Trayvon during that time? Incidentally, Rachel Jeantel testimony conveniently left out any detail to fill in those gaps. I would suggest that is because her testimony is a pack of half-truths connected to details that Ben Crump or Tracy Martin gave her from Zimmerman’s call and the 911 calls, which the family and their attorneys had access to before they ever spoke to Rachel Jeantel.

      The prosecution has presented their case, and it is woefully short of the evidence required to prove the elements of the crimes charged, and simultaneously disprove Zimmerman’s self-defense claim. If the jurors act within the law, they must acquit him.

      • see my comments below and read the articles. Your desire to see Trayvon as the instigator and attacker (against an armed man trailing him) speaks to your inclination to see Martin as scary, up to no good, guilty of something….. when he was not.

        • Now that I’ve thoroughly debunked everything you’ve said, I hope you’ll sit back for a minute and think about the fact that your thinking on this whole topic is clouded by your initial reaction to the case, which was colored by inaccurate and biased reporting that attempted to attach racial undertones to an event that had nothing at all to do with race.

    • Did you see a picture from the convenience store? I did, a blown up head shot and a full body shot. Trayvon was not a child and he was 17 years old. I don’t know about Florida which is right next to GA but there a 17 year old is considered an adult. I would have to look up Florida law. He was not a child. He was a full grown man. He had a beard in the photo I saw. Quit using the term child because that is totally incorrect and misleading. No one has the right to go after someone because they didn’t like the fact someone was following them. NO one no matter race or age. If Trayvon was a child he would not have attempted to beat up Zimmerman in the first place. There is no excuse for his actions and I am posting after the verdict. I know about all the evidence and it was overwhelmingly showing that Trayvon was the aggressor and he was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot. If the neighbors had helped when Zimmerman was calling for help Trayvon would not have been shot. That is the bottom line of this…no one broke it up and someone was killed. This wasn’t like five guys attacking one, it was one on one and those neighbors could have done something and chose not to and especially the man who came outside. I would have yelled hey what is going on here and I have before when a husband and wife were arguing outside an apartment and he chased her. There is no reason for them to have ignored what was going on given it was only 7PM. Excusing this young man for the things he did and there is a lot of back information on Trayvon seems to be what put him in that place where his actions caused his demise. All he had to do is go inside, he was right there or use the cell in his hand and call the cops. Oh and Zimmerman wasn’t actually told not to pursue him. The operator was questioning him and he was following along and they said are you following him and he said yes and they said we don’t need you to do that and he said…OK. He was going back to his vehicle when he was confronted. If Trayvon was so scared he would have continued to the house. There was a trial because the black community put pressure on the police and the DA. That is why. It was for racist reasons drummed up by Mrs. Martin and she was an ME. Go figure. It was all political and biased.

  22. The prosecution, out of force, had to argue a case that eliminated any mention of racism, despite the fact that George said, “fucking coons” and there WERE witnesses to other examples of his cruel racism. Never mind that Trayvon said “crazy ass cracka” when he described George – because that is EXACTLY what George was – and instead of cracking a whip, he shot Trayvon straight through the heart.

    The prosecution never presented the recording of George imitating how he yelled that night, which proved that the screams on the 911 call were, in fact, not the screams of George. They were the screams of Trayvon as he pleaded for his life, being held at gunpoint by George.

    The prosecution is intelligent and has presented a strong, clear and concise case. Don’t mistake a short and clear opening statement for a poor opening statement. And the defense’s opening statement was overly long and tiring and totally filled with lies. But that has been one of the strategies of the defense. Tire out the witness, the judge, the prosecution and the jury.

    The most disturbing qualities of the defense is the clear fraud they committed many times during this case, which began when choosing a jury, manipulating the judge into thinking Jerry Counelis was a “stealth juror.” In fact, the defense had determined that Jerry was a progressive and set Jerry and the judge up. But those of us who have half a brain saw the set up. And we also saw the set-up of the brilliant Rachel Jeantel. I’m sure, just as the prosecution concluded, you will say, “Rachel Jeantel brilliant? Surely you jest?” The defense presented Rachel with a transcript of her testimony that was intentionally misleading … containing asterisks (feigning the inability to understand the witness) and instructed her to read it. She did so and she did it quickly, memorizing the entire transcript. The defense asked Rachel, “Didn’t you say?” referring to what was actually said where the asterisks were placed, and she said no.

    I could go on and on about this case, but I won’t. The only organized site that contains everything concerning this trial is – you will also find the most intelligent commentary there.

    I encourage everyone to watch what will go down in history as one of the most important trials of this century. Those of us who have paid attention to this case from its beginnings were not surprised with ANYTHING that was presented in the trial. It had all been released to the public, but you wouldn’t know by the way the public has behaved. We’ve sat waiting for everything WE knew to be disclosed, and much of it wasn’t.

    Nevertheless, the prosecution won this case. Will the jury be able to see past the white supremacist, violent men posing as expert witnesses for the defense and taking the stance of “teacher” towards the jury. We’ll know soon.

    • OMG. Normally, I would delete a comment like yours that is so devoid of logic or truth, but I will let it stand here as a forever monument to your stupidity.

    • That is not true. Zimmerman never made any racial remarks at all. You must be writing your own evidence. I don’t agree with you at all because you are totally incorrect. I know for a fact Jeantel lied because I read about what she initially stated and she changed that. She and the Martins should come up for perjury charges quite frankly. She was in no way brilliant. Why don’t you do some actual research. Even their own witnesses disproved the case and the only reason they put him on trial was because of the pressure of the black community and using racism as a stance to get their way. It is deplorable yet I see no outcry over the 13 month old white baby that was shot in the head when two black teenage boys tried to rob the mother. They said no money and we shoot your kid. She didn’t have anything with her. They shot and killed the baby and shot the mother in the leg. You want a list…they just took a man while rioting in L.A. and started beating him and saying it was for Trayvon. Is that the kind of justice black people want…mob rule? The verdict was not guilty. The trial is over and I hope Zimmerman sues a lot of people.

  23. well here’s something for you to review. 🙂 How do you answer this information? 1. No zimmerman DNA on Trayvon hands, hooded sweatshirt, or anywhere. 2. No grass, mud or scuff marks on Zimmermans jacket or back of his pants. 3. Look at Zimmerman;s face and hands in these photos. 4. Look at the autopsy report about Trayvon’s hands! For you to say all the physiucal evidence backs Zimmerman’s account is your ignorance OR wishful thinking speaking. That simply is NOT true.

    • Trayvon’s pants did, indeed, have stains on the knees.

      Zimmerman’s jacket did, indeed, have what appear to be grass stains or tiny pieces of grass all over the back of it. Here are several images of it:

      There was a significant amount of Zimmerman’s blood/DNA on Trayvon’s inner sweatshirt, and several places where there was blood/DNA that was foreign to Trayvon Martin and for which Zimmerman could not be excluded.

      This is the only photo I really need to see to know that, without credible evidence to dispute his story, which there is not, George Zimmerman acted in self-defense that night:

    • The body was on wet grass in the rain for 3 hours. The crime scene techs did not cover the hands with bags as they are supposed to. If you had actually watched the trial you would know this. There WAS grass on Zimmerman’s jacket. Stop spreading gossip, some of us here actually watched the trial, every second of it.

    • Yes but they clearly stated his knuckles were messed up and that showed how hard he was hitting Zimmerman. Not what I heard and your article must not be correct because they stated that Zimmerman’s blood was on Trayvon’s clothing and none from Trayvon was on him. They also stated he had stuff on the back of him. I read his family physicians (personal after the fact examination) report. How do you explain two black eyes, a fractured nose, split lip, abrasions to the back of his head and a back injury? Trayvon had grass stains on the knees of his pants. Are you saying that Zimmerman inflicted that all on himself? The expert stated that the trajectory of the bullet showed he was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot. I saw that live. The closest witness stated the light skinned person was on the bottom and the darker on the top. I was speaking about Zimmerman’s physical evidence and not Trayvon because he had him pinned down and most of the damage to him was around the neck where he was wearing something on a chain. He had a couple of scratches and his knuckles showed he had been hitting him really hard.

      I prefer rational responses and not to be called ignorant. I am far from that. I have a mensa IQ.

      “Zimmerman was not arrested for the simple reason that the physical evidence corroborated his testimony and “John’s.” According to the police, he had a bloody nose, a swollen lip, lacerations on the back of his head, and scuff-marks or grass stains on the back of his jersey. The police had no reason to believe that these were self-inflicted. If Zimmerman’s statement is accurate, Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, the subject of so much vitriol, may not have been relevant; it applies to individuals who are standing, not lying on their back being beaten. In no state do you not have a right to defend yourself with lethal force if your head is being slammed into concrete.”

      • “Yes but they clearly stated his knuckles were messed up…”

        I don’t know who you mean by “they”, but it can’t include the guy who did the autopsy, because he only noted one small abrasion in the ring-wearing area (not on the knuckle) of the left hand ring finger.

        “…and most of the damage to him was around the neck where he was wearing something on a chain. He had a couple of scratches and his knuckles showed he had been hitting him really hard.”

        Where are you getting this “evidence”? Certainly not from anything officially released by the prosecution or the defense.

        • Yes, it does no good to spout nonsense you got from Facebook

        • Dr. DiMaio testified that bruises on Trayvon’s hands would not be visible after death but would be if a biopsy was done. Bruises take time to form and death stops the process. The autopsy didn’t look for bruises, they didn’t take the extra steps. If you had actually watched the trial, or been able to understand what you were watching you wouldn’t be here showing your ignorance.

          • It’s pretty interesting how the cheering squad for Zimmerman keep saying all the physical evidence backs up his story. The facts are it doesn’t. Why the just ignored the conflicting physical evidence speaks to their belied in the eye witness testimony NOT the lack of conflicting physical evidence. here are some facts for you. Especially the dude who just posted some nonsense about bruises or scrapes on martin’s knuckles

            – the autopsy found no offensive, defensive wounds on Trayvon’s hands. one small wound on an index finger. no dirt. no scrapes. no Zimmerman DNA or blood. This after Zimmerman claimed he was pummeled by 25 to 30 punches to the face

            – Zimmerman’s hands were virtually pristine after the fight. Have you seen the photos?

            – Zimmerman’s face did NOT look like the face of someone who had been punched 25 to 30 times. If you think it did you’ve never been in a fight.

            – There was NO Zimmerman blood or DNA on martins hands or his hooded sweatshirt. None.

            Do you want me to get the photos and copies of autopsy report or do you accept these facts?

            So, to say that all the physical evidence backed up Zimmerman is a falsehood.

            • You very obviously aren’t reading anything. you’re just spouting off. Dr. DiMaio’s testimony was clear, the autopsy was not complete, did not look for bruising the proper way. Maybe I should just let you continue to show your ass but I’m taking pity on you. YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE!!

          • So if they didn’t look for specific evidence, that proves that that evidence existed?

  24. Here’s a summary of the autopsy report and DNA test conclusions about Martin’s hands, clothes, etc. That supposedly had been pummeling zimmerman and grabbing his head and pounding it into the concrete

    The DNA report shows that none of Zimmerman’s DNA is under Trayvon Martin’s fingernails which dispels Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon grabbed his head with a tight enough grip to slam his head in the sidewalk over a dozen times.

    DNA report shows none of Zimmerman’s DNA on the cuff/sleeve of Trayvon’s hoodie or long sleeve shirt which underscores none of Zimmerman’s blood was splattering onto Martin’s cuff/sleeves during Zimmerman’s allegation that Trayvon punched him in the nose 25-30 times.

    Autopsy Report does not state that Trayvon had any: blood, dirt, mud, defensive, or offensive wounds on his: hands, knuckles, palms, wrists, fingers or thumbs — which dispels Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon punched him in the nose 25-30 times, covered his nose and mouth while at the same slamming his head into the sidewalk over a dozen times.

    Look at the info yourself. Your statement that ALL the physical evidence fits Zimmerman;s story is really not accurate at all!

    • First, it is important to note that lack of DNA is not evidence of anything, unless there is some proof that there simply MUST be DNA in a particular location in order to make some claim true. For instance, there was no Trayvon DNA found on Zimmerman’s gun. That could be explained for several reasons. The gun was handled after the shooting by Sanford officer Tim Smith, with no gloves. It is interesting to note that Tim Smith’s DNA also was not found on the gun. There was DNA on the gun that could not be attributed to George Zimmerman, and for that DNA sample, Trayvon Martin could not be excluded, meaning it was entirely possible that it was, in fact, his DNA.

      There is simply no reason that George Zimmerman’s DNA would have been under Trayvon Martin’s fingernails. George has never claimed, and the evidence shows no indication that Trayvon Martin ever scratched George Zimmerman, so there would be no way for the DNA to get under the fingernails. Regarding Trayvon’s hands, they were exposed to the rain for an extended length of time while evidence was collected and photographs were taken before his body was placed into the body bag and carried to the morgue. His hands were not bagged in paper as they should have been prior to being placed into the body bag. In fact, Dr. Bao testified that he wasn’t sure that the hands were not cleaned by one of his assistants before they were tested, since he didn’t do that task himself. In addition, there was DNA belonging to George Zimmerman found on the INSIDE sweatshirt that Trayvon was wearing. I suspect that after the gunshot, after George Zimmerman attempted to spread Trayvon’s hands out as he said from the very beginning, that Trayvon’s last actions were to pull his hands in and attempt to clutch his chest. When he did that, his hands could easily have grasped the inside sweatshirt, rubbing a significant portion of the DNA that WAS on the hands off onto the inner sweatshirt, and then the remainder of it washed away in the rain.

      You’ll note in the photos of the bullet wound from the scene, there’s no blood around the wound. Why? It WASHED AWAY IN THE RAIN.

      It also doesn’t surprise me that Trayvon didn’t have Zimmerman’s blood on his sleeves. Why would he? He had large hands. There’s no reason to think that he was hitting Zimmerman with his wrists.

      Lastly, I’m not concerned at all with whether it was 5 punches or 25 punches. The first punch and the subsequent head slams against the concrete were enough to disorient George enough that his memory of the event simply cannot be perfect, certainly not any more perfect than the memories of the witnesses who saw and/or heard the fight.

      • It is obvious that a lot of people who DID NOT watch the trial somehow imagine that they know what they are talking about. I watched every moment of it and NOT GUILTY was the only proper decision according to the law.
        If self defense laws bother anyone all they have to do is refrain from punching someone over hurt feelings or an imagined insult.

  25. The extent you are willing to accept Zimmerman’s story lock stock and barrel, is the extent to which you find (in your mind) Trayvon to be a scary, suspicious character, that one should be afraid of, and watched craefully and suspiciously. Thus it’s understandable how you try to end your poorly written piece with photos and information to put Trayvon in a bad light. OK so, how many people have … 1. Flipped off a camera for fun. 2. photographed themselves holding a gun 3. Smoked marijuana 4. Taken photos of money. Millons? Tens of millions? Thus the reason it was not admissible in court. Shall I search facebook right now for as many white people as I can find doing all of those same things?Laughable!

    • If I lived in a neighborhood with such a history of burglaries and break-ins, nearly all of them committed by young men, I’d be very suspicious of young, unfamiliar men walking around in the rain at night, too. You may remember that Zimmerman’s initial description of Martin was that he appeared to be on drugs or something. That is TRUE – Trayvon Martin WAS on drugs. The toxicology report confirmed that. The defense won the right to bring that up at trial and chose not to do so. In addition, the medical examiner, Dr. Bao, spoke of his opinion that the amount of THC in Trayvon’s blood would have had an effect on his behavior that night.

      Now, you’ll probably come back with the tried and true “but marijuana makes you mellow!” argument. That is USUALLY true, but studies suggest that in some, especially in young males, it brings out violent and aggressive tendencies and feelings of paranoia.

      If you can fin 10,000,000 people who you can prove did ALL of those things, I’ll strip naked and run through the streets yelling “Michael Dee is a god!” That’s a pathetically lame attempt to generalize behavior that is anything but normal for the “average” 17 year old honor student and future astronaut. The photos may not have been admissible in court, though that was questionable, but the text messages showing Trayvon’s history of fighting and his desire to make people bleed should have been. Most legal analysts think that if a conviction had occurred, that would have been the most easily reversible error that Judge Nelson committed.

    • Here are some things that were brought up but not allowed because the judge favored the prosecution and I am not the only person who noticed this.

      •A photo in which Martin shows his gold teeth to the camera while sticking up his middle fingers.
      •Martin’s school records, which include a suspension from his Miami high school — less than a month before his altercation with Zimmerman – for possessing a baggie with marijuana residue.

      What I actually read was he was caught hiding after taking markers and writing things on the doors inside. When they searched him they found the baggy, a screw driver and a bunch of women’s jewelry that he would not explain where it came from. He would only say a friend.

      •Texts and photos from Martin’s cell phone that refer to or show firearms. “U gotta gun?” reads a text from Martin’s phone, sent eight days before his death. The defense cited a photo of a hand holding a gun, taken with Martin’s phone, and another picture of a gun on a bed.

      •Texts with marijuana references, and photos that show Martin blowing smoke and what appear to be marijuana plants.

      •Texts and video that suggest that Martin was involved in organized fights. or as someone else put it an underground fight club. Someone deleted the video.

      I saw a head shot of him and I am not saying he looked scary but he wasn’t little. He was much taller than Zimmerman and not even 30 lbs lighter. Some of the people that gave testimony did several times and the judge finally made a comment on that to the prosecution. They actually had no case. And as the person stated who has this blog, it was raining and the Sanford police have been criticized for their handling of evidence.

    • Where is your evidence, your imagination doesn’t count?

      • Don’t bother. He’s in spam-land.

      • Some of this is what the defense team released on the internet. Others are from other sources if you are talking to me. They have photos, media stuff, texts and other things. They were allowed to release background of the victim in court in the Scott trial. O’ Mara mentioned after the trial if there were suits it might come out and in more detail. Now I saw this on a video interview they did. Much of this has many sources but most all going back to the defense. Even they kept saying 911 call. I saw the dispatcher in the transcript, politely correct O’ Mara twice. They said tea through most of it. I wonder why that little bit of information didn’t get corrected within the trial. I guess teens make a drink with sweet drinks, candy and cough syrup to get high…it was alluded that was why he bought what he did…a fact,.. like so many of them, NO. Just something people thought in discussion. I tried to stay away from Facebook discussion and I looked up everything that some said to see and I have most of it copied but it would take too long to find the sources. I don’t see it to be necessary. It wouldn’t matter anyway if one’s thoughts are in another place. I watched some of the trial and I read transcripts when I could not. Listened to discussions and made up my own mind. People are human and fear can’t be measured by someone else’s yardstick.

        I did not get what I heard or saw from this site but this is an example of what was being said.

        WFTV has confirmed that autopsy results show 17-year-old Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles when he died. The information could support George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin beat him up before Zimmerman shot and killed him. WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.

        I just wanted to show it isn’t from some Facebook discussion or anything else. It was well spoken about. So why call me stupid? Look at how many people are still saying 911 call and ice tea.

    • His piece is excellent and if you don’t like it or disagree, go away. Your ideas I have seen elsewhere. I have looked into some of these things and more and what most think concerning Trayvon Martin is simply not true at all. The Stand Your Ground law protects Zimmerman from any other suits including civil. It is built into that law and it stands even if not used in the trial according to his attorneys. If someone tries to do a civil suit and they don’t contest it because of a suit in reply it will all come out and Trayvon will not come out smelling like a rose I assure you. I did find out something though. Many people call all Arizona drinks Arizona Ice Tea. A guy in YouTube does a review of this Watermelon drink and even though it is saying it is a fruit juice drink he keeps calling it tea. Seems to be something some say when there is actually no tea involved since Arizona is known more for their teas than their fruit juice drinks or for some reason they think the company name is Arizona Ice Tea.

      As for you Michael, you are biased and shouldn’t comment really. So much was left out of that trial and Zimmerman’s attorney’s recently spoke of it so it may all come out and the Martins are not going to be too happy about it. Witnesses were there and saw what was going on and who was doing what to whom. Sorry no cigar for you.

      What this all boils down to is race and not by Zimmerman. The one person who might be white says one thing about Trayvon and the black person comes forward and say no, I looked at his body and no this or that…well I don’t care about this trivia. I care about the eyewitness and what he said about what was going on. He saw Trayvon Martin straddling Zimmerman. He was identified by size, clothing and skin coloring. So all this forensics stuff for excusing Martin is BS. It was raining out and it was all compromised and why would Ziimmerman have stuff on him when Martin had him pinned to the ground and was pounding on him? He couldn’t even move until Martin reached for the gun. He was heard calling out, screaming for help. I don’t care what the Martins stated, because the witness said the light skinned person was calling for help. If he hadn’t gotten enough wiggle room to get the gun before Martin. He would have shot and killed him. I have no doubt. His judgment was impaired because he was high.

      • “The Stand Your Ground law protects Zimmerman from any other suits including civil.”

        It does not.

        There is no separate SYG law in Florida.

        There is a Justifiable Use of Force law, FLA 776

        Two sections (776.012 and 776.013) contain references to SYG and “no duty to retreat”, but immunity from getting hauled into either criminal or civil court is a separate section, 776.032

        • According to his lawyers that I saw in an interview after the trial was done, they said it does but people might try anyway. So are you a lawyer? The interview was not complete but on a video where they were talking about lawsuits specifically and they said it WAS a portion of the Stand Your Ground law. So I’m not an attorney so you can say what you want. I’m going on what O’ Mara stated and you probably can find the interview if you look. I looked all that up way back, but this is what O’ Mara stated, not me personally. I think it was the fact that if they tried to file a civil suit anyway, they might let it go so they can counter sue. He didn’t say that straight out but he said the Martins probably wouldn’t because it would drag all the stuff they know about Trayvon out and into court. Its not old history like Zimmerman but what he was actively doing then.

  26. I doubt you will answer any of my comments in any substantive way but try. And try not to do it making Zimmerman sound like the victim. He killed a 17 year old boy that people like you seem to have no sympathy for.

    • Why would I not answer your comments? It’s perfectly acceptable to disagree with me. The whole point of my blog is to tell people who may feel now as I felt in March of 2012 that it’s okay to come to the realization that you were completely duped by the false race-based narrative that pervaded this story early on. Zimmerman WAS the victim that night – and Zimmerman’s successful self-defense claim against charges of 2nd Degree Murder and Manslaughter are proof of that.

      I don’t have a lack of sympathy for Trayvon. He made a very, very stupid choice that night. I wish he would not have done so. I wish for his family’s sake that he were still around, but he’s not, and no amount of blame directed towards George Zimmerman for defending his own life is going to change that.

      • What evidence do you have that Zimmerman was desperately defending his life that night. Lay it out bullet point by bullet point. I’d like to see it. Then I will show you how each point of physical evidence you bring up is weak and counter to Zimmerman’s account of what happened. Try it please

        • If that is so evident sir, then why did the jury find him not guilty? They didn’t give him an acquittal technically because that means not enough evidence to convict and charges are dismissed. They said not guilty. Therefore, any arguments are moot. I have seen people state then why couldn’t Trayvon have come under Stand Your Ground, well he wasn’t standing for one and it clearly appeared he went back and confronted Zimmerman even though following him didn’t threaten his life. He was right near his place and all he had to do is open the door and go inside and he took another course. The man who lived by where the fight was that walked all the way outside. He said the light skinned person was on the bottom and the darker skinned person was on the top and the one on the bottom was calling out for help. He could see the movement of the arms of the one on top but it was dark enough he couldn’t see the strike. He described it more colorfully when he was interviewed right after the incident. It would seem to me that you aren’t interested in the evidence and only to railroad Zimmerman. I am done and the host can do the rest where you are concerned. It is over now and it doesn’t matter what you come up with…the verdict was not guilty and they had all the evidence.

      • “Arguing with liberals is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess the pigeon is just going to knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around the table looking victorious”.
        George Bernard Shaw

    • Do 17 year old boys have permission to beat people to death whenever they want to? Maybe you should volunteer to be a punching bag.

      • again you have NO evidence he was beating hum up other than Zimmermans words. Look at the links I posted and ALL the inconsistencies with the physicall evidence. Clothes, hands, DNA, Zimmermans face and head…. all of it

        • Michael, your slip is showing. All of the physical evidence in this case supports Zimmerman’s claim that he received a beating from Trayvon Martin. The abrasions on Trayvon’s knuckles and the bloody face, head, and broken nose are all I need to see to know that. Zimmerman did not self-inflict his injuries on a tree, and he didn’t hit Trayvon at all, at least not that can be seen on Zimmerman’s hands or any part of Trayvon’s body.

          • “Abrasions on Trayvon’s knuckles?” Ackbaqr, serriously, where did you get this from? Have you seen the autopsy report? It shows that the only other injury, apart from the bulletwound that killed him, was a 1/4″ x 1/2″ on his left hand.

            So where is the proof that TM was punching anyone or anything that night? Where is the proof that shows TM was regularly involved in fights and “loved to make people bleed”?

            If TM had been any kind of regular scrapper, his hands and his body would have shown it. Where are the scars on his hands, body, face, etc that corroborate the notion he participated in fighting on a regular basis? All that can be proven is this young man, like all teenagers his age, talked a big game.

            As for a dispatcher having no authority to tell a civilian what to do, the fact that one calls 911 to report ANYTHING, is a submission and recognition to an authority higher than their own.

            As for the toxicology report, there is not much point in using that as it is unable to say how long ago Martin had used marijuana or if he was even high that night. If he was high, he would not have been in any kind of state to put up an actual fight.

            As for TM’s behaviour, is it not reasonable to say that he was unfamiliar with his surroundings and he was lost? Even GZ stated that it was dark and raining so hard, he had to get out to see where he was at in the area.

            If GZ had just stayed in his car, pulled up near TM and asked him if he was ok, was he lost, did he need help, etc, then GZ would be my hero. He would have helped a person he didn’t know make it home that night. Instead, GZ passed judgment on TM.

    • It was unfortunate but it was self defense. I assume you know what that means or was he just suppose to lay there and take it? This is an inane discussion and the proof to the person above is in the trial transcript. Watch it, read it whatever. Why rehash something that has been decided anyway by a jury of his peers who actually had all of the evidence. The verdict is not guilty.

    • Yeah and a 17 year old black male shot and killed a 13 year old white baby in Georgia. In most of the South, 17 is considered an adult and there were two involved and one 14 and the 17 year old is being tried as an adult and the 14 as a juvenile. Trayvon was not a boy nor little. Look at the photos from the convenience store. It is sad he died but if he had just gone in the house he would not have died. Don’t say Zimmerman shouldn’t have followed because when he got out of his car he was on the phone with the police. He never made any racial remarks or mentioned race or hoodie until asked for a description and the race by the dispatcher. It is all in the recording. Zimmerman then noticed Trayvon walking toward his car and he was still on the cell talking to police and all of a sudden he turned and ran the other way. The dispatcher asked him where Trayvon was going and at that time and only that time did he get out of his car on the phone the whole time. They heard the car door ding, it is on the recording. Hew was asked, are you following him and he said yeah but he had lost track of him. The only reason he followed was because of the dispatchers question because he didn’t know. At that point they said “we don’t need you to do that.” He said OK and asked for them to call him when they got there so he could tell them where he was located. All the time talking on the phone to the police and it is time stamped.

      There was not enough time between that for Zimmerman to have done anything more than try to return to his car because of the interval between when the witnesses saw the fight and called the police. Zimmerman never stalked or chased after Martin. It is all corroborated by this conversation with the police. Trayvon came back instigated it all and even the jurors thought so because when they really started examining the evidence even though they went in with certain ideas of verdict they all finally said NOT GUILTY. Enough is enough. There was a forced trial and bias all along by the judge against Zimmerman. It is over now and people should leave it alone because he cannot be retried and the FBI did a one year study into racism and hate crime on his part and found none…case closed. But of course they were all white I bet some will claim and that is why. It is a lot of discrimination and civil rights infringement toward Zimmerman. Trayvon Martins Mother profiled him because of his last name before there were ever photos on the net. She made a big error in judgement. I’m done talking to people who make up their own evidence as they go along. Sorry for causing a fuss here Ackbar if I have. I won’t post anything else. It is futile at this stage.

  27. I find it AMAZING that anyone would say something like Zimmerman did nothing wrong. The main thing he did wrong? Get out of his vehicle with a loaded weapon and try to detain a lawful citizen without cause.

    • I’ll start from here. Might not have time to get to all of them until later, but this one’s easy. It is not illegal in any way, shape, or form, for a citizen carrying a legally licensed concealed weapon to get out of his vehicle, even if his intent is to follow someone to find out where that person is going so that he can tell law enforcement, since they’d already asked him twice to let them know if Trayvon did anything else, and then followed that with a question specifically about which way Trayvon ran. The most obvious evidence that Zimmerman did not intend to kill Trayvon that night is that he allowed Trayvon to beat him for over a minute before pulling his gun and ending it.

      Beyond that, you are just making things up. There is ZERO evidence that Zimmerman “tried to detain” anyone.

    • “The main thing he did wrong? Get out of his vehicle with a loaded weapon and try to detain a lawful citizen without cause.”

      Getting out of his vehicle was legal.

      He had a license for his firearm.

      Define detain and then offer whatever evidence you have that Zimmerman
      attempted to detain anyone.

    • That is extrapolation. There is no evidence that he got out to detain Trayvon. He got out of his vehicle to answer a question for the police operator. It is in the recording. What you are saying is internet rumor.

  28. Martin had every right to defend himself and resist and protest being detained by someone who had no right to detain him. That simple fact seems fly right past people who think like you.

  29. Ummmm yes he did try to detain Martin. he told him to stick around until the police came and it;s pretty clear Martin had no desire to do so….

    • Were you there? Do you have evidence to support your claims?

      • HIs account on video to the police LOL

        • Zimmerman never said that. He said that when Martin said “do you have a problem?”, he (GZ) reached for his cellphone while saying “no, I don’t have a problem.” Trayvon said “you got a problem now” and it was at that point that Zimmerman was sucker punched in the nose.

          If you have evidence otherwise, please point it out – video link and time.

    • He did not say that and no one I know of said he did. Where did you get this idea? There are sites that set up their own idea of scenarios, I just found one where they have Trayvon going up to the car and saying why are you following me and Zimmerman saying I’m not. Then he leaves and Zimmerman then calls the police. Trayvon comes back and assaults him. You have to be careful where you get your information because sometimes it is internet rumor or just what someone believes or a recreation of how they think things might have happened. Here is part of what someone said, “since we honestly don’t know whether Zimmerman detained, or attempted to detain Martin.” This was a supposition on someone’s part that he tried to detain Martin.

      To the host: sorry about what I said about no one at the place saying anything. I didn’t watch all of the trial and there was no mention in earlier interviews with Mr. Good that he said anything to Zimmerman and Martin and he did. Martin should have stopped right then and there.

  30. why dont we all get together and stand up for him. whites and latino let get together and have a rally against these black racist people. that man defended himself that boy beat him up and he have right to defend himself i would shoot you too. and plus they even found pot in the boy system and he is the one that racist calling him white cracker com on now who the racist one not george.

    • you have no evidence the BOY beat him up other than Zimmerman’s account

      • We have no evidence that you are a man other than your claim to have a penis. We have TONS of evidence that Trayvon Martin did, in fact, beat Zimmerman up. The state of Florida admits that. Most Trayvon supporters admit that. Why do you deny the obvious?

      • Sir, I don’t like to be rude to people but you are clearly deluding yourself. There is a lot of evidence. There is a medical report from his family physician and there are photos right after before he was cleaned up and a witness sir that walked out of his home and came around and saw the fight. He testified. Others were looking out of windows and some assumed it was Zimmerman on top because the person on top was bigger but that would have been Trayvon. He was way bigger than Zimmerman. Zimmerman presently put on a lot of weight but he wasn’t even 30 pounds heavier than Trayvon at the time and way shorter. We have a witness that was close up identifying who was on the bottom and calling out for help and what he was wearing and the clothing was verified. I don’t understand when people simply don’t want to believe evidence because the one who died was younger and had no weapon. There is no logic when you say something about him having a gun. He legally could carry that gun and concealed which it was. He was not on Neighborhood Watch that evening when this incident happened.

  31. Your assumption that HE allow Trayvon to beat him for over a minute is based ONLY on Zimmerman’s account of what happened. The physical evidence including the clothes, DNA, lack of blood, dirt, defensive wounds, offensive wounds and the minor extent of Zimmermans wounds ALL point to a WAY less vigorous confrontation than Zimmerman describes. That’s obvious when you compare his account the with physical evidence including his face. He was pretty clearly hit once or twice. NOT 25 to 30 times. Also, it may not be in violation of Florida law for Zimmerman to leave his vehicle with his weapon….just like it’s not illegal for me to have the cell phone with me in the car. BUT if I make a bad CHOICE and turn it on and text and kill someone. That’s a crime. He clearly made a bad choice to follow someone who was DOING NOTHING ILLEGAL, even by Zimmerman’s account. Sure you can carry around a weapon but there should be a HEAVY HEAVY price to pay if you take someones life with it, even accidentally or without intent to kill. It was CLEARLY a bad idea for him to carry his gun out of the car and follow Martin. Martin is dead! The whole case hinges on whether you believe Zimmerman’s word that he was having the crap beat out of him. The physical evidence clearly brings his story into question. Given that, and given no evidence that Martin was or had any intention to do anything illegal and was simply walking back to his Dad’s place makes me wonder why some people are SO SO willing to accept Zimmerman’s account word for word.

    Here’s another thing. Your inability to see the fear that Martin was most likely feeling that night shows you inability (for some reason) to see things from his perspective. But you clearly can see things from Zimmerman’s and accept every word of his account. Imagine if you will, you are 17 (remember back now) and there is some guy pulling up into your area clearly watching you. ON a dark rainy night. Wouldn’t that make you suspicious of him? It would me. You will probably say something like, well why didn’t he run home, or some such nonsense which puts ALL the onus on Martin to get away from the man following him. As if he wasn’t the victim here. It was Martin’s responsibility to back down, run away OR better yet probably from your perspective, submit to Zimmerman’s request to stay there until the police come because he was suspicious. Martin was a law abiding citizen who had no requirement to run away, back down from, hide from or submit to Zimmerman’s stalking behavior. Your inability to get in the head of Martin and identify and recognize those simple facts (fair honest facts) say loads about your bias in this case. To be honest I don’t really think Zimmerman was a racist. I don’t think it’s important to the scenario at all. But I do believe that people who so strongly jump to his defense and villainize Martin need to search their conscience for the reasons why. And your claim the physical evidence just leads you to that conclusion is NOT borne out by the facts. At all. I defy you to read the links I posted and say that Zimmerman’s account was not called into some question. It would be disingenuous of you to say otherwise.

    • Last point I’ll answer – I don’t discount that Trayvon MIGHT have been in fear that night, although my gut tells me he just wanted to beat some cracka ass. If he was in fear, then one of two things should have happened. Either he (1) should have called 911 instead of continuing to talk to Rachel Jeantel, or (2) he should have gone home, since he was 75 yards from his home at the time he turned the corner at the T intersection, and it was 4 minutes later that the fight started. He could have been home in 15-25 seconds, probably about the time that Zimmerman appeared at the T as he came from his truck.

      However, even if you forget all that, and assume that TM attacked GZ out of fear, then by law, he has an obligation to stop that attack once GZ made it clear he wanted no part of the altercation, as he did when he screamed for his life repeatedly and tried to break free. John Good told TM to stop what he was doing, but TM didn’t stop for him either. So, at that point, if you assume (as you do) that GZ was the initial physical aggressor, then according to Florida Statute 776.041, George Zimmerman would have regained his innocence and would have been justified to avail himself of lethal force to defend his own life.

      The law supports George Zimmerman’s actions in every way. Emotional appeals might make people say otherwise, but the law is the law, and the jury applied it and found that I am right, and you are wrong.

  32. What evidence do you have that Zimmerman was desperately defending his life that night. Lay it out bullet point by bullet point. I’d like to see it. Then I will show you how each point of physical evidence you bring up is weak and counter to Zimmerman’s account of what happened. Try it please

    • I refer you to the trial testimony that took place in Sanford in the past three weeks.

      Now, go somewhere else where they’ll want to continue to argue with someone who has no desire to hear the truth.

  33. The whole case hinges on whether you believe Zimmerman’s account that Martin was beating the crap out of him. You HAVE to believe his words. I don’t. I believe he, out of self preservation, concocted a story to make the altercation way worse than it was so that shooting him in self defense made sense. how you can look at the physical evidence and think otherwise depends on how much belief in Zimmerman’s words you have

    • You don’t have to believe Zimmerman’s words. You can see his face, and you can listen to the one eyewitness who actually saw the fight, whose story backs Zimmerman up completely. That tells you all you need to know.

  34. Who does this sound like? IS this something you may have felt in your heart but maybe not said in so many words?

    “And so it was for a few weeks until the race-baiting industry saw an opportunity to further the racist careers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, et al, who then swept down on the Florida community refusing to admit that the 17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin was at all responsible for his bad decisions and standard modus operendi of always taking the violent route.”

    All based on the assumption what a guy who shot and killed a kid said is 100% true and accurate. As if he’d have NO inclination to lie and distort things to defend and protect himself?

    The blinders some people have on is incredible

  35. Here’s some USA Watch code of conduct for you:

    The “USAonWatch” manual that describes the code of conduct for neighborhood watch programs states: “It should be emphasized to members that they do not possess police powers and they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles . . . Members should never confront suspicious persons who could be armed and dangerous.” George Zimmerman ignored that code of conduct.

    Also if you think these images show the back of someone who was riggling and squirming on wet slightly muddy ground with someone on top of him you are fooling yourself. Really! WOW

    Look at Trayvon’s pants and you will see what that ground did to clothing. And he was dead or close to it when he fell face first.

    • Your little “code of conduct manual” has no force of law. Similarly your words regarding what may or may not be visible on Zimmerman’s jacket have no force of truth.

      • Seriously? Shall we, together do a test? Lets get a jacket just like the one Zimmerman wore, put it on someone plop them on wet muddy lawn and sit on them while the squirm around for a minute. Shall we do a scientific test? Let’s?

        • Micheal, put down the bong. There is no credible evidence that disputes Zimmerman’s account that he was on his back, with Trayvon Martin on top of him, and plenty of evidence that Zimmerman was, in fact, on his back, on the grass, under Trayvon, who was raining down blows on him.

        • He wasn’t carrying the gun for Neighborhood Watch.

          “A pit bull named Big Boi began menacing George and Shellie Zimmerman in the fall of 2009.
          The first time the dog ran free and cornered Shellie in their gated community in Sanford, Florida, George called the owner to complain. The second time, Big Boi frightened his mother-in-law’s dog. Zimmerman called Seminole County Animal Services and bought pepper spray. The third time he saw the dog on the loose, he called again. An officer came to the house, county records show.

          “Don’t use pepper spray,” he told the Zimmermans, according to a friend. “It’ll take two or three seconds to take effect, but a quarter second for the dog to jump you,” he said.
          “Get a gun.”

          That November, the Zimmermans completed firearms training at a local lodge and received concealed-weapons gun permits. In early December, another source close to them told Reuters, the couple bought a pair of guns. George picked a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm handgun, a popular, lightweight weapon.

          By June 2011, Zimmerman’s attention had shifted from a loose pit bull to a wave of robberies that rattled the community, called the Retreat at Twin Lakes. The homeowners association asked him to launch a neighborhood watch, and Zimmerman would begin to carry the Kel-Tec on his regular, dog-walking patrol – a violation of neighborhood watch guidelines but not a crime.”

          Zimmerman was not on Neighborhood Watch when the incident with Trayvon Martin happened by the way.

      • I’m serious. Those little specks are a joke. Let’s do a real life test and we can both post the results!

  36. More to digest. If you want to be in an honest debate and not just spout apologies for Zimmerman

    Section 776.013 of the Florida Criminal Code, Home protection; use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm states, “A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.” The clear intent of this law is to protect law-abiding citizens and allow them to use deadly force when they are approached and feel threatened by another person. You can not initiate the encounter and later claim self-defense or “stand-your-ground.”

    Trayvon Martin was not engaged in an unlawful activity (he was walking home from the store), and he was approached at night by a strange man in a place where he had every right to be. Based upon these facts, Trayvon had no duty to retreat and had the right to stand his ground and meet force with force. If Zimmerman had followed the age-old adage, “Don’t start nothin’; won’t be nothin’ ” Trayvon Martin would be alive today. The only reason Zimmerman felt “empowered” to engage Trayvon was because Zimmerman knew he possessed the “equalizer” – he was armed.

    • I’m going to give in to your assumption that Trayvon was “standing his ground” for the sake of argument. If that were true, which I dispute, but if it were true, then at the point where Zimmerman made it clear that he wanted to withdraw from the conflict, which he did when he screamed for his life for over a minute and attempted to wriggle away, then Trayvon was obligated to stop the attack. He didn’t. He didn’t stop when John Good told him to. At that point, in your scenario, according to Florida Statute 776.041, Zimmerman, as the initial aggressor, would have regained his innocence and become eligible to use deadly force to defend his own life.

      See how that works? The law works for both parties, not just one.

      Now, the reason I don’t think Trayvon was “standing his ground” as you say, is that Trayvon turned that corner at the T intersection 4 minutes before the conflict. It was 75 yards from his house. If he was running from Zimmerman as he rounded the T, why didn’t he end up home? My gut tells me he did go home, and then when he saw Zimmerman go by, first in one direction, and then coming back the other direction, flashlight in hand, he ran back to beat him some cracka ass, probably at the urging of one Rachel Jeantel.

      • ahh nice. I got you to say cracka ass LOL. And Rachel Jeantel. Your heart is showing 🙂

      • I agree because of this:

        “At approximately 7:09 PM, Zimmerman called the Sanford police non-emergency number to report what he considered a suspicious person in the Twin Lakes community. Zimmerman stated, “We’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy.” He described an unknown male “just walking around looking about” in the rain and said, “This guy looks like he is up to no good or he is on drugs or something.” Zimmerman reported that the person had his hand in his waistband and was walking around looking at homes. On the recording, Zimmerman is heard saying, “These assholes, they always get away.”

        (The guy before, Burgess got away and did commit a burglary. The police caught him later because they didn’t get there in time and he “got away.”)

        About two minutes into the call, Zimmerman said, “He’s running.” The dispatcher asked, “He’s running? Which way is he running?” The sound of a car door chime is heard, indicating Zimmerman opened his car door. Zimmerman followed Martin, eventually losing sight of him. The dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he was following him. When Zimmerman answered, “yeah,” the dispatcher said, “We don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman responded, “Okay.” Zimmerman asked that police call him upon their arrival so he could provide his location. Zimmerman ended the call at 7:15 p.m.”

    • TM was engaged in an unlawful activity as soon as he attacked GZ. Assault is a crime. We all have a right to refuse to be a victim. GZ had no history of drug use or violence. TM did and he had an illegal substance in his system when he launched his unprovoked attack on GZ. TM was not a child. He should have known better than to attack a stranger under these circumstances.

        • The toxicology report has never been publicly released, so how do you know what is or is not in it?

          • If that is your assertion then how can people claim to know that TM was high that night if the toxicology report was not released?

        • Yea Bro, I stand corrected. Maybe GZ had some problems in his past like a lot of other people, but be cleaned his act up. If the skin color of these two individuals were reversed this would not have made the news for more than one night.

          • If the races were reversed, the story would have been something like:

            “African American neighborhood watch officer defends own life to repel vicious hate crime attack.”

          • I’ve always found it hilarious when someone tries to stress the importance of their own assertion until it is debunked, and then they downplay the importance of that previous assertion.

            You are assuming that GZ “cleaned up his act” after getting into trouble many times. Why is it so hard to give TM the benefit of the doubt as well and assume he was also on the path toward cleaning himself up as well?

            Do you have any proof that TM was high that night or even the day of the shooting?

            I will reiterate my position that I do not believe this to be an issue of race (my parents are both from Peru as well), but rather very bad judgment on the part of an overzealous gun owner.

            I will reiterate my position that if I had been part of the jury, given the very narrow instructions by the court, I would have had no choice but to disregard the absurd charge of murder in ANY degree. Even the manslaughter charge would be questionable, per the instructions.

            I will reiterate that my opinion that this was an act of complete and utter negligence (GZ), irresponsible behavior(GZ & TM), and a false assumption of guilt(GZ) that only those with a perverse sense of justice, still use in this country to justify their ignorance.

            I will reiterate my position as a Marine veteran, Arizona resident, married father of four children, and a gun owner, that I would not kill anyone who broke into my home, so long as they left with whatever they wanted and left my family alone. I will only kill to protect that which is “irreplaceable”.

            I don’t know what I would have done in the same situation as GZ. I don’t know the full circumstances and no one else can say they do either, unless they believe the only story available, from the only survivor.

            I can only say that if I ever find myself in a similar situation, I hope to find the courage to NOT pull the trigger.

            My last comment is to simply say that while GZ may have been found “Not Guilty”, that does not mean he is in any way “Innocent”.

            • TM is the one that made the wrong choice that night. ZM made the legal choice to carry a concealed weapon and execute his right to defend his life. If you wouldn’t choose to make that same decision then you are choosing to be a victim. ZM was the one getting his head bashed in. Do you know what TM was planning to do with the ice tea and skittles? Check it out and then tell me that TM wasn’t a tweeker.

  37. Ackbar: Do you have a duel or a debate going on here?

    • Jordan, I have no idea. My blog received barely any hits in the last month, since a few thousand right after I wrote this entry on May 29th. However, last Thursday, someone somewhere must have linked to me, because I got 3700 hits in one day from 3100 unique visitors. All of a sudden today their comments started coming out of the woodwork. That’s okay. I don’t mind them coming here and debating with me. When they do, it tells me that I struck a nerve (when you’re taking flak, you’re over the target). I will engage in reasoned debate with mindful individuals. I will not engage in reason-free debate with mindless trolls.

      • I have linked to your site before and I am sure others have too, but all of a sudden, my email inbox is being flooded. Enjoy.

  38. The State did not have a case from the beginning. The Sanford police found no evidence from the start to charge GZ. The race card was used by some to make this about race and unfairly bring charges against someone legally using deadly force to defend themselves. This case is not only about race, but about the 2nd Amendment and our legal right to defend ourselves. TM made a bad choice that night and paid for it with his life. This tragic event was once again skewed by the lame stream media and facts misrepresented to keep the story an issue about race when it wasn’t.

  39. Oh and the “no offensive or defensive wounds” is the autopsy wording…

    • The autopsy was criticized by Dr. Di Maio. It was not thorough enough, They probably couldn’t forsee that they would need to look for more evidence than usual. I am sure that if you look you will find Dr. Di Maio’s testimony on the net. It will answer your questions. Again you should have watched the trial, all of it, if you were going to comment on it You should not try to form opinions based on street gossip.

    • I’ve done the hard work for you, look and listen.

  40. You won’t recognize me. My name was Antonio West and I was the 13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick GA determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty…too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

    My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood,
    but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did President Obama take so
    much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.

    I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but
    the media doesn’t care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President
    Obama has no children who could possibly look like me – so he doesn’t care
    and the media doesn’t care because my story is not interesting enough to
    bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

    There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was he
    would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA to
    demand justice for me. There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on
    the lives of those who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no
    representation and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat
    innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

    So while you are seeking justice for Treyvon, please remember to seek
    justice for me too. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get the
    shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like you
    did for Treyvon.

    Thank you.

  41. I would like everyone to look up the Roderick Scott case in 2009. A 42 year old black Neighborhood Watch man shot and killed a 17 year old unarmed white teen of 17…got off for self defense. Some of the details in articles vary. You know the press but I think you will find it shocking what they did in comparison to this trial where there was actual battery and Zimmerman already had his gun on him and didn’t go get a gun and confront anyone. Anyway you should be able to fine it. Not yelling hate crime or racism and no rioting.

  42. Thank You Veronica!!!

  43. Maybe you can explain to me how Zimmerman can claim to have his head slammed on the concrete 12+ times and have only a couple of scratches. In order for them to be sure he had a broken nose, an x-ray would have been needed which he didn’t bother to get. Even more importantly, Trayvon’s body was 10 feet from concrete which explains why Zimmerman’s injuries didn’t reflect his allegation his head was bounced on the concrete 12 times. It wasn’t even bounced once. Then there is the issue of Zimmerman’s gun which Trayvon somehow saw in the dark and the rain though Zimmerman claims he was literally sitting on it. What really happened is since prior burglaries were committed by African American men, since Trayvon Martin was AA, then he must be a burglar and since the last time Zimmerman called the police on a AA man, he left before they could show up. So he wasn’t going to take that chance this time. He would confront the guy himself. He ended up shooting him and then coming up with a bullshit ass story that his head was pounded on concrete and Martin reached for his gun. He figured that would be enough to make it self defense.

    Martin may well have hit Zimmerman once, and one could certainly see why. Here is this strange man who looked at him while he was in his car, and then was now following him on foot and according to Zimmerman, when Martin asked him why he was following him, does he say because I don’t know you, I’m with neighborhood watch, no he reaches into his pocket. That’s not threatening huh? Zimmerman self-defense story was one great big lie and there is no evidence to support it except him.

  44. Funny. I read this blog post over two years after it’s been posted.

    George Zimmerman, since acquitted of 2nd Degree murder and manslaughter of Trayvon Martin, has been arrested twice for domestic violence and detained once following an altercation with his ex-wife and former father in law. He’s also been involved in some odd on-going feud with another man (a fellow white concealed permit carrier, mind you) that ultimately resulted in shots being fired at his truck. Most recently, he’s been painting pictures of the Confederate Battle Flag and having them sold at a “Muslim Free” gun shop.

    And if you go to his Twitter feed, you’ll currently find him making a slew of race baiting comments (including calling President Obama a “baboon”). And then there’s his curious reaction to someone suggesting he ought to be “slapped”: “We all know how it ended for the last moron that hit me. Give it a whirl cupcake.”

    And yet, we have you, back in 2013, proclaiming that “There is no evidence that George Zimmerman has a racist bone in his body.” You even dismiss claims of Zimmerman’s racism by pointing out the fact that he’s half-Hispanic, forgetting that Hispanic is an ethnicity and not a race, that Hispanic people can be white (see Martin Sheen, Pope Francis, etc.), and also Hispanic people can be prejudiced against black people just like any other white person.

    Yes, hindsight is always 20/20, but with a good knowledge of facts and logic foresight can be 20/20 as well. Back in 2013, you should have known that it made no logical sense whatsoever that someone who was being chased by a complete stranger for reasons completely unapparent to him, someone who managed to lose that stranger, would then suddenly decided to do a total 180 and “double back” and “ambush” that complete stranger he had just worked so hard to escape. You should have questioned why George Zimmerman, after being told by dispatch he didn’t need to follow Trayvon, had nearly 4 minutes to walk less than 200 feet back to his truck but never did so. You should have questioned why George Zimmerman told police to call him on his cell phone and not meet him back at his truck like he first suggested. You should wonder why Zimmerman’s head wounds were so minor and insignificant and non-life threatening and yet he claimed he had his face bashed into concrete up to 30 times thus turning it into a life threatening situation requiring self-defense.

    You should have known all of those things and yet you didn’t. And sure, you’re no worse than Zimmerman’s six peers who gave him a free pass in July 2013. But as each embarrassing post-acquittal incident surrounding Zimmerman unfolds and every time something new and damning is learned about that night in February 2012 (for example, did you know that on the night of the shooting, Zimmerman had a major argument with his wife and his wife was not even staying with him that night), you ought to feel more and more foolish in buying into that man’s fetid bullshit.

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