Proof that Terence Crutcher’s window was NOT up, and Ben Crump is lying.

There’s been a lot of talk the last couple of days on television and in social media about the claim by Crutcher family attorney Benjamin Crump, a known champion of truth and virtue, that detailed analysis of the video feed taken from the helicopter as Mr. Crutcher was shot to death proves that Crutcher’s window was UP when he was shot. Here, a screencap of the video shows Mr. Crump showing what appears at first glance to be an image that supports his claim.  Notice how what appears to be a vertical streak on the window lines up almost perfectly with the blood streak going down the door:


However, careful analysis of Crump’s claim shows that it is based on cherry-picking one frame of the helicopter video. Notice here, a slightly different angle, you can still see the vertical streak where Crump claims the window is:


Still, at first glance, it almost appears as if Crump has a point. That dark vertical area above the door frame does look as if it continues down to the door.  However, let’s look at the angle of the vertical area:


Notice that from this angle, the area in question does not lead down the window to a spot that meets up with the blood on the door. Also, note that there is curvature at the window in that part of the car. You can see that from the vertical black line that separates the driver’s door from the rear door. Any blood that would be running down the window from the top point to where the door and the window meet would follow that same curved (from this angle) path, but it doesn’t:


So, the vertical area highlighted in our first image is NOT blood, because it doesn’t flow like blood would (vertically, straight down the CURVED edge of the window. So, what could it be?  Well, this image taken from a different angle shows clearly what it is:


Notice that two things are evident from this image.  First, the supposed blood streak that Crump claims is on the “window” is not visible (and it would definitely be visible if the window was indeed up). Second, notice that from this angle, you can see the edge of the driver’s seat extending behind the black vertical divider between the front and rear doors. What do you notice about the edge of the driver’s seat? Oh, that’s right – it has that same vertical, dark area that was pictured in the earlier photos, only this time, it’s clear that it is the edge of the driver’s SEAT that is creating that dark area in the images.


So, clearly, Benjamin Crump took a single frame grab that presented an advantageous angle and used that to make a claim that suggests that the officers are all lying about the window being open.  Sorry, Crump, you’re a Chump, and a lying one at that.


One thought on “Proof that Terence Crutcher’s window was NOT up, and Ben Crump is lying.

  1. Thanks ackbar. Is this where you’ve been hanging out? Missed you at the Tree.

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